Monday, April 14th 2018

Asset Management

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Inghaus & Coutts is a leading global institutional asset manager
with an unwavering focus on investors’ needs.

We derive an “investment edge” through harnessing the brightest investment minds around the globe. Across investment strategies, we achieve our objectives of producing attractive risk-adjusted returns in a variety of market environments because of our experience, expertise, and disciplined investment approach. Our investors benefit from this edge across public and private instruments, spanning equity, credit, and real asset investments, both through our direct alternatives and our outsourced CIO capabilities.

Investment Solution

  • Overview

    Inghaus & Coutts created a platform to provide your organization an Outsourced Investment Team with comprehensive capabilities that can offer customized programs to meet your individual investment requirements.

    Our team of professionals has decades of experience and executes a proven and disciplined due diligence process to identify and invest with top managers across asset classes.

  • Approach

    The platform’s success is ultimately built upon a close, strategic partnership between you and our Investment Team. With a long-term horizon, we construct diversified portfolios by investing across geographies, asset classes, managers, and positions. We use a detailed, proprietary methodology as well as internal and external tools to measure and manage risk in your portfolio.

    Combined with the support of experienced legal, compliance, risk management, trading and operational teams, we create a customized investment program to complement and enhance your portfolio.

  • Value Proposition

    Today, the investment landscape is global and more complex than ever. At many institutions, investment management is often under-resourced, and attracting and retaining specialized in-house investment talent is both difficult and expensive. To be an effective fiduciary now requires an institutional approach involving investment, risk management, legal, compliance, and operational expertise.

    We can serve as an extension of your staff or volunteer board and offer customized investment programs designed to complement the remainder of your portfolio.

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